Letter from Irena Krońska written in 25.04.1966

    c              NATIONAL
cSCIENTIFIC PUBLISHERS PWN          c                            Warsaw, January 13, 1961
Library of the Classics of Philosophy                          c        Miodowa 10, tel. 622-91, 671-61

    c                                              c             c               telegr.: PEWUEN Warszawa


Prof. Roman Ingarden
K r a k o w
Biskupia St. 14



Honorable Professor,

  c     I confirm the receipt of your letter from 4/19/1961, with thanks. As for the volume of Studies in Aesthetics in author’s sheets, no further mistakes were made. According to the calculation the volume of the first edition amounts to:
    c                      vol. I  29,45 aut. sh.
    c                      vol. II 30,20  „     „  
  c        c        c total       59,65 aut. sh.
The royalties for the 2nd volume have already been transferred into Professor’s account.

My deepest respect
and cordial greetings

  c     I Krońska
Irena Krońska

  c        c     Thank you very much for the photocopy. Very interesting.
  c        c        c        c        c        c        c        c        c        c        c           I Krońska