Letter from Irena Krońska written in nd.07.1961

  c      EDITORIAL COMMITTEE              c                      c             c                 Warsaw, July ,1961
of the Library of Classics of Philosophy
  c            c             at
the National Scientific Publishers PWN


Dear and Honorable Professor,

  c   thank you for your letter. As far as Brentana is concerned, I prefer it just as we are used to /gen. Brentany, dat. Brentanie etc. [transl. note – refers to declension of the name in Polish]/
  c   As for the Croce-Czerny case, Croce himself did not write badly, on the contrary, he wrote with flair, sometimes elliptically, but never infirmly, and the stiffness of the translation would have no excuse.
  c   As for Herder, he also uses literary language, not the language of a crib sheet or the key from Zuckerkandel; it is often a jumble, but it is a jumble of honest literary language.
  c   The case is different with Critique of Judgment – but all things considered there is no adequacy between the faults of the original and the faults of the translation, and therefore the Polish text could not be published in this form. Due to the fact that Landman, PhD made very significant changes to the translation and it is necessary to set limits on the work input and the responsibility of both persons, him and Gałecki, PhD, it would be imperative to meet and discuss these matters, because it would be too complicated to resolve in correspondence. Maybe Professor could set a date in September /second half/ or October – I would invite Gałecki, PhD and we would meet with Landman, PhD, prof. Kotarbiński and maybe another one or two representatives of the Committee.
  c   If Professor is here in August before my departure /i.e. before the 15th/ we will work out the details of the meeting.
  c   I hope that the weather will improve – at least it is warm today.
  c   My true respect and cordial regards

P.S. I humbly remind you of the dictionary entries.

  c     c     c     cI Kronska

  c     c     c   Irena Krońska

Head of the Editorial Office of the LCP