Postcard to Kazimierz Twardowski written 06.05.1924


Most Honourable Professor!

            During my last conversation with you, I forgot to note that of course I completely and gladly agree to the printing of a summary of my paper from your pen in the Reports of the Scientific Society, as you mentioned during our conversation at the Scottish Café. For me it’ll be purely an honour that you’ve devoted so much work and time to my dissertation that you’ll even have graciously written the summary yourself. Your fears as to the fidelity of your presentation of my statements are certainly quite groundless. Thus, if you still harbour this intention, I can only be grateful with all my heart for its fulfilment. At present I’m finishing the translation and suppose that in about a week I’ll be ready and able to start preparing for the colloquium.

                       I enclose expressions of true esteem

                                                                              Roman Ingarden


I’d be very grateful if you could graciously provide a likely approximate date for the printing of the report on my paper, because I’d like to write about it before too long to Prof. H[usserl].