Letter from Irena Sławińska written 31.10.bd

167 Linden Street                                                                                                                          New Haven, Oct. 31[O1]

New Haven, Conn.


My Dear Honoured Professor,

                  for the past month I have been in the USA as the recipient of a Ford scholarship and as a Research Fellow at Yale University. I often attend the lectures and seminars of R. Wellek, U. Brooks[O2] , and Wimsatt. It’s very interesting, and the library is well-stocked and readily accessible.

                  Wellek leads a seminar on the topic ‘Twentieth-Century Criticism’, which was the subject of the 3rd and 4th volumes of his book. In this connection, I’m supposed to give a lecture on your theory of literature. Two volumes of Studies in Aesthetics are here, as well as Das Lit. Kunstwerk – however, I would like to offer more accurate bio- and bibliographic data. In bibliographic terms, can I rely on Tymieniecka’s book? Would you like to throw in a few facts and dates related to your studies, to your work at the University of Lviv, etc.? What are you talking about now in Venice?

                  If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to respond, I’d be very grateful. My lecture is supposed to be in the first few days of December, so I have to ask you to hurry.

                  Would you find either S. Lange[O3] ’s Philosophy in a New Key or K. Burke’s Philosophy of Literary Form useful? Both things have come out in a cheap edition (‘paperboard [O4] edition’), so I can send them for you without the slightest trouble. Please let me know.

                  I’m primarily dealing here with the American methodology of literary research, so as to be able to write something more about it.

With expressions of respect and best greetings

Irena Sł.

[O2]Jestem pewien, że powinna być Cleanth Brooks [C. Brooks]
[O3]To błąd. Nazwisko autora jest Langer, powinna być Langer’s
[O4]w j. angielskim w oryginalnej wersji, ale powinna być paperback