Letter from Irena Sławińska written 19.02.1954

Lublin, 19/12/54

Szopena 27-11

                Most Honourable Professor,

                Prof. S. Swieżawski was pleased with the news that you wish to share considerations ‘on the content and form of a literary work’ with us. Excellent! Please just indicate whether you would prefer to speak about this at a meeting of the Academic Society (Historical-Philological Department), the Michrewicz[O1]  Lit. Society, or at a gathering arranged by the Polonists’ Circle. We ‘run’ all of these institutions, so the decision is up to you. The audience would be exactly the same: mostly Polonists (lecturers + young people) and probably plenty of philosophers. For my part, I would very much like to see you as the guest of the Academic Soc. (I’m the chairperson of the Department), but please decide freely without regard to this suggestion. Of course, the young people would be active and would speak freely if it were the Polonists’ Circle that organised the lecture. But in any case, that will be equally permissible at the meeting of the Academic or Literary Soc.

                Prof. Świeżawski spoke of a February date, and I think that will be the best period ‒ immediately after the semester break, when we are all rested. We can agree on a more exact date with the Philosophical Soc.

In anticipation of your reply, I send
expressions of cordial remembrance as well
as greetings to both of you

                                                                                                                                                                    Irena Sławińska

[O1]Mickiewicz [?]