Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 11/29/1947

Toruń, 29 November 1947



                               Dear Mr Roman!


                I heartily thank you for your postcard of 23 November and for the promise of a review for Philosophical Movement; at the same time I ask you sincerely to continue to help Dania Gromska with her problems connected with Movement. I received a resolution of the Cracow Philosophical Society from Dr Gielecki shortly after your last letter and confirmed its receipt with a thank-you note sent to Dr Gielecki himself. The last one, the Poznań Philosophical Society, sent me their resolution only today, whereas the application for approval of the Statute of the Polish Philosophical Society had been prepared some time earlier; therefore I’m simultaneously referring the whole matter to the Board of the Warsaw Philosophical Society as the Organising Committee.

                I was at Szczęsny’s two days ago on other matters and he himself started talking to me about your book going to press, worrying that he wouldn’t be able to do it until the beginning of December. The delay is the result of Szczęsny finding himself in great difficulty as a result of the harassment he is suffering from the Ministry of Education and from censorship. They stopped four publications in which he had large sums invested and on whose rapid distribution he had counted, on the pretext that, as a publishing house capable of providing school-related assistance, they require prior approval from the Ministry of Education; in spite of many efforts, he cannot wait for this approval, and thus a great deal of capital is frozen which cannot be invested in other publications.

                                                                         Warmest expressions and cordial greetings