Letter to Tadeusz Czeżowski written 18.02.1958

Roman Ingarden                                                                               Cracow, 18 February 1958

Cracow, Biskupia 14


            To the Most Honourable Prof. Dr Tadeusz Czeżowski



            Dear Tadeusz,

                                   in the attachment, I’m sending you the work we have earmarked for the Commemorative Book for Prof. Tatarkiewicz (according to the consent you expressed to the effect that you’re ready to prepare this Book for printing). There are twelve of these papers. The paper offered by Prof. Elsenberg [O1] is still expected to arrive (I didn’t ask him to send it to me, because why was it supposed to go there and back for nothing; maybe you would prefer to ask him to hand it to you directly), and, moreover, a bibliography prepared by Piotr Grzegorczyk (he’s been saying for many months that he has it ready, but he hasn’t given it to me yet; apparently it’s being rewritten). There are four more pre-war papers, concerning which we had doubts as to whether they should be printed: one of Walfisz-Wallis’s, which, according to the author, was published after the war; moreover, 1. by Michał Wasilewski, Evidence of the existence of God in Malebranche; 2. Jerzy Siwecki, On the classification of science in Aristotle and Plato; and 3. Dawid Frydman, The question of evidence [O2] in Franz Brentano. Perhaps something could be selected from this last paper, which would be advisable, given that its author was shot by the Germans, and who, before his death, asked that his greetings be sent to Prof. Tatarkiewicz. But the whole paper is too long and unremarkable.

           I’m finally returning your paper (A disdained textbook[O3] ), since we chose the second of the two papers sent.

            At the same time, I’m writing to Polish Scientific Publishers that you’ve undertaken the editorship of the Commemorative Book for Prof. Tatarkiewicz and that therefore from now on they should communicate with you in regard to this matter. I’ve obtained the basic consent of the Publishing House to publish this Book (along with the authors’ fee waivers), including the fact that it will be released in 1959. At the moment, it’s necessary to order the whole thing to be transcribed, so that a typed copy can be delivered to Prof. Tatarkiewicz on his next birthday, in April of this year.

            I also have duplicate copies of Pelc’s and Znamierowski’s papers, which I’ve been keeping at my place; since it doesn’t seem like I’ll need them, I’ll return them to their authors.

            I wanted to give the whole thing to you personally during the General Assembly of the Polish Philosophical Society, but unfortunately you weren’t able to come, so I had to take all that paper back home. Afterwards I had a lot of work and couldn’t get around to sending it off. I also had a list of lectures at the Fifth Congress of German Philosophy in Marburg in 1957; unfortunately, I left it at my brother-in-law’s, on his desk, through an oversight, and his wife, not realising the significance of this form, threw it in the trash. Thus I can’t give you any information about this congress, because I myself no longer remember many titles.

                                   I send cordial greetings. Please confirm your receipt of this shipment.



[O1]Tak pisana, ma być Elzenberg
[O2]Też może być obviousness, w zależności o kontekście
[O3]Można przetłumaczyć ten tytuł inaczej – nie wiadomo czy taka praca była tłumaczona na angielski