Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 11.11.1949

Toruń, 11/ 11/ 1949

                        Dear Roman!

            I have your letters from 27/9 (to which I’ve already replied briefly), 23/10, and 2/11 of this year in front of me. I’ve also received a shipment of Philosophical Quarterly along with 25 offprints, with which I was sincerely pleased. I cordially thank you for everything and am responding in order here to the questions you have raised.

            I now have your polemical article in first proofs and, with your letter of 27 September in mind, I’ve added the supplement you provided to the fourth point. I’ll send you the next set of proofs for approval.

            In my review of The Controversy about the Existence of the World, I also applied your recommendations and deleted the list of errata, leaving only those that change the sense of the arguments. In doing so I made use of the three supplements you indicated. I also deleted the final sentence (added later) which you mentioned in your letter of 2/11 of this year. However, with your comments in mind, I also added a few words to the text, highlighting the main developmental line of the book. I made a mental note of your remaining comments in your letter of 23/10 of this year; I think we’ll discuss these matters in greater depth when we meet.

            Other than that, there’s not much new with us. We’re working around various problems, the same as anywhere else. At the end of last month, I spent three days in Poznań on family matters and took the opportunity to see Blachowski, Ajdukiewicz, and Znamierowski. Znamierowski is coming round with a lecture at the end of November, and Ajdukiewicz has promised to come in December.

            Philosophical Movement has been almost completely typeset. This issue will be quite extensive. I’m expecting it to be ready in December.

            Cordial greetings, and I kiss your wife’s hand

                                                                                                          T. Cz