Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 9/9/1947

Date of creation 9.09.1947
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Toruń, 9 September 1947


                       Dear Mr Roman!


            Following my return from holidays to Toruń I’m answering ‒ unfortunately after a long delay ‒ your letter of 19 July. I cordially thank you for the news included in it. I informed Mr Szczęsny about his debt to you and received the response that, although he can’t in fact send you an advance payment within the specified period of time, he had spoken to you about this matter and hopes that he’ll be able to do so soon. Has a trip to France been arranged for you?

            During my holiday, which I spent in Lower Silesia in the vicinity of Wrocław, I saw Dania Gromska, Kotarbiński, and Kridl. Preparations for the launch of Philosophical Movement are moving forward and I hope that they will yield a favourable result. I ask you most earnestly to work with us!

            The issue of the organisation of the Polish Philosophical Society can be tackled only after the holiday period has passed, because, in other cities as in Cracow, it can’t be arranged during this period, but there’s nothing very urgent about it.

I attach cordial expressions and greetings from myself
and my family to both of you