Letter from Wacław Borowy written 14.11.1921

Date of creation 14.11.1921
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WARSAW, Świętojańska St. 2
PHONE NO. 221-27

Krucza St. 44

Dear Sir!
I was very distressed and distraught when I wrote to you and I remember that I discussed library matters, but I do not remember what (or if at all) I wrote about review matters. Well, I really care about Scheler, but I would like you to write very expertly and very specifically-philosophically, but – if you will – with all of Scheler’s cultural significance in mind. As a man well-versed in the issues of contemporary Germany, I believe you are the one to ask.
 n        As for Reinach, I would also like you to write of him wrote in the form of a separate article, it would be best if you could mainly discuss general issues. If you would like to write in more of a reporting style (for a chronicle in brevier type), you would have to devise (and compile) some other topics that could be labeled with a heading “from German philosophy” or something similar. I hope you understand that I expect there to be a certain degree of planning and structure. I am afraid of haphazardness.

My cordial greetings
W. Borowy