Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 19.10.1933

WARSAW ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ         n         n               n               n                19/10/1933
Boduеnа 6



 n          Most Honoured Colleague,

 n          The other day I returned to Warsaw, following an absence of a month and a half, and found here the typed manuscript of ‘Zagadnienie tożsamości dzieła muzycznego’ [The Work of Music and the Problem of Its Identity] as well as three letters from you: an extensive letter dated 2/9 and two cards from 2/10 and 14/10. Setting aside the rest of the backlog, of which a great deal had accumulated during this time, I acquainted myself with your paper as soon as possible (of course, for the time being solely from an editorial point of view, because studying it from the perspective of my personal interests will require much more time).
 n          I’m very glad – I want to say first and foremost – that I have this manuscript, and now I’d like to submit it for typesetting as soon as possible. Now it’s only a question of details. In your letter of 2/9 you suggest the possibility of printing an excerpt of your paper, consisting of the chapters ‘The work of music and its performance’, ‘The work of music and its score’, and ‘Some features of the construction of the work of music’. Well, I like this option the best, with the provision that two additional short chapters, ‘Pre-scientific beliefs concerning the work of music’ and ‘The work of music and psychological experiences’, should be added. In other words, of the whole text sent me, only the chapter ‘Gen. form.-ontol. issues’ would be omitted. My feeling is that the exclusion of this chapter would not harm the dissertation; contrarily, it’d even gain thereby in terms of uniformity. However, even though the whole text would exceed 60 pages of typed text, and thus would amount to 1.5 arkuszy [1 arkusz = 40,000 characters] at most, I’d try to place it in one continuous segment rather than to divide it into two halves. Please let me know whether you ultimately agree to this solution. I suppose so, since the initiative originates from you yourself.
 n          As for completely external details, I would suggest 1. placing the first paragraph of the dissertation in a footnote and 2. not making the ‘Introduction’ and ‘Pre-scientific beliefs’ into separate chapters with their own numbering, but leaving them as introductory sentences without separate titles; it seems to me that it’ll be more consistent if the whole is divided into four large chapters.
 n          Finally, I think that some small savings could be realised on the footnotes. And here it seems to me that the thing would only benefit if the multiple references to Lit. Kunstwerk [Das Literarische Kunstwerk, The Cognition of the Literary Work of Art] were reduced to one, and also to omit some others, mainly polemical, which are generally rather loosely related to the actual subject of the dissertation. However, this is just a ‘suggestion’ on which I place no emphasis; if these footnotes are important to you, let them remain.

 n          In anticipation of your gracious response, I enclose expressions of respect and a handshake


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