Letter to Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz written 18/8/1957

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Cracow, 18 August 1957

Prof. Roman Ingarden
Kraków 2. Biskupia 14.


Professor Dr Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz
Warsaw, Kaliska 22.

Most esteemed Professor,

                                  in response to your letter dated 30 July of the current year, which reached me on 17 August, I wish to politely inform you that I consider the ‘Lecture Notes: Issues and Directions of Philosophy’ which were sent me to be substantially right and useful, provided, however, that they are intended to serve only as a kind of aid for lecturers, and are not meant to constrain him in the selection and ordering of lecture topics which he may wish to include in the lecture. Personally, I think it would be advisable for point II to take priority over point I. This seems advisable to me as well for systematic reasons such as didactics; however, I understand the reasons that may incline a lecturer to use the order given in the project sent to me. I have no objection to point III (ethical issues). On the other hand, I would be personally inclined to supplement the programme submitted to me with two matters: a) a discussion of the difference between the philosophical sciences and thus the detailed and mutual relations of these two types of inquiries; b) a discussion of the most important issues of the theory of art and aesthetics, especially for students of all philology and art history.

                                  Please be so good as to forgive me for the delay in sending this reply, caused by my delayed acquaintance with the esteemed Professor’s letter. I attach expressions of true regard and respect


                                                                                                    /Roman Ingarden/