Letter to the Polish Academy of Science written 11.03.1965

Date of creation 11.03.1965
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Prof. Roman Ingarden                   c                            c                Krakow, March 11, 1965
Krakow, Biskupia 14


Honorable professor,

       c       On March 6, I have visited the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Bureau for International Cooperation and learned that there was yet no decision by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding my trip to Hamburg. Due to the fact that Associate Professor Stroker from the University of Hamburg, who has been communicating with me on this matter, asked me to let her know as soon as possible what decision has been made, because in case of my inability to come they would have to look for another lecturer, I decided to inform Hamburg that my arrival at the beginning of May is unlikely and that this matter should be moved to fall, if only the Hamburg University is still interested in a visit from me. I attach herewith a copy of the letter to Mr. Stroker. I expect that things can be cleared up in time and that I will be able to go in fall.
       c       For now, I would like to use my other invitations, in particular to Yugoslavia. However, since I do not have all formal invitations yet, the matter of submitting the passport application will be delayed for some time. I would be very grateful to Professor for your kind support for this trip.

   My deepest respect
and heartfelt regards

 /Roman Ingarden, senior/