Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 17.12.1931

Date of creation 17.12.1931
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Freib. i. Br., 17.XII.1931

Dear Friend,

            I am sorry that this fate came to pass on top of all the other problems which oppress your soul! As your old friends, we empathize with you. We too had to experience what it means for our lives that father, mother, the familiar home to which one could always return, are no longer there. Please accept our sincerest condolences. Despite everything, trust in your future – the one that lies in your hands, and in your own being, and your own productivity, to which you are called. I think of you often and faithfully and I believe in your being and your productivity.

            I immerse myself in work and am a believer – despite this unspeakably sad environment. Compared to this, the period of inflation, the loss of wealth, was a trifle. It is truly a world of hopeless and desperate people. And yet, I make an exception as I live in happiness in my sphere – in philosophy.63

Sincerely yours, E. Husserl