Postcard from Karol Irzykowski written 07.10.1936

Date of creation 7.10.1936
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      Honourable Professor!

So the Monday meeting of the P.A.L. [Polska Akademia Literatury, Polish Academy of Literature] has been agreed upon for the date of 31/10. There was no mention of the topic, because one can’t talk to these people, but I approve it because there’s a lot of talk now about these phenomena. I expect that you, in reading your work, will weave something in here and there with the aim of making the matter more accessible to those unfamiliar with this new circle of thoughts.
   Please confirm your receipt of this card, and, additionally, inform me of the date of your arrival – probably I’ll hear from you by phone on the 31st. Anyway – I don’t know what the convention is – probably the secretariat will send you an official letter.

With high esteem
         Karol Irzykowski



Karol Irzykowski
ul. 6 sierpnia 47
building 8 apt. 8

Honourable Professor
Dr Roman Ingarden
ul. Zacharjewicza 7