Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 01.05.1935

Date of creation 1.05.1935
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Field philosophy

1.V 1935
Honoured and Dear Professor = I’ve just sent you a letter begging for Id. Real. and it has arrived within ½ hour. Thank you very much for this and for the card. I am very happy about this brochure and am going to bite into it right now. It’s interesting that I’ve just written about Twardowski in the letter. I think you will be disappointed in me when further reading my hauptwerk. I have the impression that I am closer to you than to Husserl, because his thinking leads to idealism and idealistic monadology. I do not quite understand that. Please don’t consider me [my writing] as some burden, but rather as sport and relaxation. Let me thank you again and enclose words of deep respect and affection,




Dr. Roman Ingarden
Prof. of Jan Kazimierz University
Zacharjewicza Street 7, apt. 8