Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 16.09.1935

16.IX 1935
NΠ [=ND – no drinking] NP [=NS – no smoking] NΠπ [= no drinking beer] 27 days

Honoured and Dear Professor,
I am traveling through W[arsaw] from Lithuania to Zakopane. A complete letter paralysis occurred, perhaps due to Whitehead, about whom I wrote 153 p[ages]. In Lithuania, I made nine portraits, my stay in W[arsaw] was filled with teeth experiences. I have finished the “Aufbau” a long time ago, but for the time being I cannot get myself to formulate [my ideas] in writing, in a letter. I think that I should start writing about you more. But you yourself discouraged me by saying that these are fragments and that in the latest work you go further. Do you think that a polemic in writing by a guy like me could be of interest to you? I do it in great detail and honestly, as far as possible. If you say yes – I will start writing simultaneously with [the text on] Wh[itehead], because I have it implicitly in myself and in my notes. You have no idea what mad joy your letter gave me. It was the best I could dream of. My personal matters have calmed down for now. Binge drinking [has been] excluded for a v[ery] long time – beer crossed off since 20/VIII. I only tasted a few drops of incredible Lithuanian tinctures, and I was admired and venerated almost for the willpower and incredible fortitude.
I read Linke (Allgemeine Wahrnehmungs-lehre). I have Rickert’s Gegenst [and] der Erkenntnis, do you advise this kind of reading? I ask you v.[ery] kindly for a list of books on the theory of cognition, though you know I claim such a subject doesn’t exist. A growing hatred begins to burn in me against the concept of the object. I will write more from Zakopane. In the meantime, I enclose words of true friendship, deep respect and gratitude, and I ask you to pass on my respect and affection to your wife and children. I regret that the eldest was slighted.
  n              Witkacy
Please, send me some picture of you, if you can.