Postcard from Stefan Morawski written 09.12.1967


Dear Professor, Welcome back to the country. And I am looking forward to our meeting during your next visit to Warsaw. Please give me a call right away. I am leaving for a conference in Yugoslavia the coming Tuesday (probably, as have not received a passport yet). For a week or 9 days. And now, for the replies: a) the money is, of course, for Graff’s review, b) if the Editorial Board stole the copyright, it was the fault of the person celebrating the jubilee, who never said a word about who the photograph’s author was. c) PLN 600 is for habilitation reviews, not doctoral ones.
Finally, I repeat my request: for an article for the Studies, by the end of January, beginning of February, if you have already considered one. Or maybe you could react to my article that was printed in the fifth volume?

Best regards and best wishes from me and my wife
      n                  n                 SMorawski


Stefan Morawski
Warsaw, Waszyngtona Al.
20/apt. 21
BISKUPIA St. 14/apt. 15