Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 31.07.1934

Date of creation 31.07.1934
Related places Prague
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Kappel b. Lenzkirch, Baden 31.VII.34

(c/o Prof. Zimmermann)

Dear Friend,

            I look very much forward to your visit. We will be here until II.9. You will be able to meet a few phenomenologists in Prague (including Dr. Patočka, Landgrebe, and Felix Kaufmann). My letter to the conference must have been too long. I also sent a reasoned essay, possibly to be used in lieu of a lecture to read aloud to a small group. But the copyist has failed, or rather my terrible shorthand failed the copyist. In addition, I realize now that it is too big. I will tell you the entire story of the matter in person. I wish you much success for your lecture! Please say hello to my old home from me!

Yours sincerely,

E. Husserl