Postcard from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 11.06.1922

Date of creation 11.06.1922
Related places Toruń
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W Tatarkiewicz
Poznań – Rycerska 11a


Poznań, 11/6/1922


Mr Roman Ingarden
ul. Mickiewicza, 115


Honoured Doctor, And here my plans for a trip to Toruń have come to nothing! Even though I wrote to Mr Grosz and gave him as many as 4 topics and 4 dates to choose from, and even though the last deadline already passed three weeks ago, I haven’t received even a word in response. Meanwhile, the school year has ended, and at the end of the month I’m going to the little congress. I’m thinking about at least stopping in Toruń from morning to evening between trains, but it depends on the train schedule. If this is manageable, naturally I’ll come round to see you, although it’s possible that at that time you’ll have left the city on holiday.
I enclose a handshake and expressions of respect WTatarkiewicz