Proof written 21.06.1924

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  The Board of the Pomeranian School District

in Toruń

by way of the Headmaster’s Office, Middle School of the Classics and Humanities

in Toruń


  In response to the letter of the Board of the Pomeranian School District of 26/5/1924, L. Dz. [file no.] 6174/IV 24., I am submitting, at the behest of the Board, proof that in the 1918/19 school year I taught 22 hours a week at the ‘Lublin School’; thus, not counting hours in other secondary schools in Lublin, in the sch. yr. 1918/19 I taught 8 hours a week over the requirements of §87 of the Pension Act of 11/12/1923 (Journal of Laws of the Polish Republic, item no. 46.)
  I politely ask the Board to send this proof to the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education so that it can be attached to the previously sent application to count work in private schools towards my length of service for retirement purposes.

In Toruń, 21/6/1924.                                                  Dr Roman Ingarden
                                          teacher, state middle sch. in Toruń