Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 25.01.1935

25.I 1935 NP [=NS (no smoking)] NΠ [= ND (no drinking)]

Honoured and Dear Professor =
I cannot get over the fact that I did not see you in Warsaw.  I am impossible when it comes to letters – I belong to those responding and writing, but how.  Fighting this is mpossible.  Won’t you be in Zakopane February, March, or April – because I am postponing my departure for Lviv more and more.
26. I.  Kotarbinski, whom today I handed in a part of the critique of his views, was telling me about the discussion between the two of you, and unresolved, in which he admitted that you were right. But why! I could not hear it.  I am just finishing my stay in W[arsaw] – I am completely exhausted by the portraits, theatre (I witnessed it here with a v[ery] interesting “crew”) and Kotarbinski, whose intestines I lived in for three months tracing physical materialism in him.
Meanwhile I enclose the words of deep respect, affection and once more I thank you for everything.


P.S. I don’t know if I will manage to consider your comments about my art[icle] on log[istics]. I am including a correction of my awful errors in my brochure.
Antalowka, The Witkiewicz Family House, Zakopane 3.