Questionnaire of Konstanty Michalski from N/D 1

addressed to former political prisoners

under the German occupation

     n            The purposes of the survey require to specify at the beginning: 1 / sex, 2 / age, 3 / occupation, 4 / where and how long you have been in prison or a camp / it is enough to provide the months and years /. Do not disclose your name. With regards to camp experiences, pay attention to internal, spiritual experiences and processes taking place in the soul.

   n            The questions are as follows:

  1. What kept me alive the most in the camp and prison?
  2. What hurt me and tormented me the most there?
  3. Have I come to feel deeper respect for someone there and why?
  4. Did I perform any acts on my own initiative or in consultation with my companions outside compulsory ones and against given orders?
  5. Did I deepen or change my views on an important issue of life during said time?


   n            Please kindly send the answers to me at my address:

Fr. Konstanty Michalski
Professor of the Jag. Univ.
Krakow, Stradom 4.