Letter from Edmund Husserl written 10.02.1932

Freiburg, 10.II.1932

Dear Friend,

            About seven weeks have passed since I received your kind Christmas letter – It seemed like one day of me working incessantly through some disturbances and mood swings. I have not answered your questions yet! Your manuscript, which was insufficiently protected by the envelope, arrived completely tattered. I am certainly in a tight spot regarding the Yearbook – I am not even sure when printing can begin as I remained focused on my large system diagram and delegated the preliminary drafting and editing of the Med[itations] to Dr. Fink, and we only discussed the most pressing general issues. When his draft is finished, I still have to complete my personal draft and elaboration, which will take months.64 Moreover, it seems that the new Med[itations] will be much larger. How will this affect the scope of the Yearbook: 1.) the Investi[gation] of Time completed years ago; 2.) Fink’s second part (12-15 pages alone); 3.) Felix Kaufmann’s math[ematical] ph[enomenological] work…?! I am a terrible editor. In any case, I have to and am eager to read your work: whether you can satisfy the central purpose of my transcendentalism.65 Have you fully recovered? Many heartfelt greetings and best wishes,

E. Husserl