Letter from Fritz Kaufmann written 23.07.1957

Eden-Hotel Kurhaus
Spiez   at Thunersee
au Lac de Thoune (Switzerland)                                          n                         Spiez, July 23, 1957

n       Mêmes maisons:
n       Hôtel des Alpes, Spize
n       Hôtel du Parc, Locarno
n       Hôtel Royal Westminster, Menton


Dear Friend,

n       Your letter dated May 23 followed me here via several stopovers. I will be staying here until August 15 to return to Buffalo in the fall.
n       Over here, I am completely out of touch with Farber (which doesn’t mean that we have anything more than a pseudo-relationship in Buffalo). I am sorry to say that it is not advisable to submit your suggestions regarding the translation of the “Independence of Self-Conscience and Dependence” for consideration, regardless of how remarkable they are. That’s because I am afraid that such instructions given from here would only cause confusion, and since Mehlberg didn’t find anything to correct in my translation, I have great confidence that it will be understood the way it was intended.
I hope that the Philosopher Conference in Warsaw went well. Ich was able to obtain a copy of the book about you and Nicolai Hastmann during my (for me quite pleasant) journey, and it is now waiting for me in Buffalo. Despite the many visitors, I have been able to write a paper on Martin Buber’s Philosophy of Religion while I’ve been staying here, and I am now working on a short essay entitled “On the White and Black Magic of Art” which I will be dedicating to Mrs. Conrad-Martins for her 70th birthday. I am sure you will be contributing to the commemorative publication, too.
My book entitled “Thomas Mann: The World as Will and Representation” was released last week; however, on the interim, I have not heard an echo of my own voice. I am not very keen on that. This is because the book had to be reworked several times over the many years so that it is now missing the unity of the original impetus. Hence, I feel more like its publisher than its author.

     n             Best wishes to you and your family from yours,

    n                                                   Fritz Kaufmann

(who is very glad that he was able to do something in the services of our old friendship!)