Letter from Henryk Mehlberg written in 16.06.1946

Wrocław, 16/6/46


Dear Honoured Professor!

 c           After leaving Poznań, I was first in Łódź, and then only briefly in Warsaw, where I’ve got Prof. Suchodolski’s typed manuscript; that’s why I’m sending the list of existentialist publications included therein after some delay. Here it is:

Griffith: Interpretation of Man 1945
Merleau-Ponty: Phénoménologie de la Perception [French: The Phenomenology of Perception] 1945
Jankélévitch: Du mensonge [French: On falsehood] 1945
Marcel: Homo viator [Latin: Travelling man] 1944
Lubac: Le Drame de l’humanisme athée [French: The Drama of Atheist Humanism] 1945
Lausberg: Einführung in die philosophische Anthropologie [German: Introduction to philosophical anthropology] (no date [the book was published in 1934]), as well as a collection entitled             c             Existence (Gallimard, 1945) [originally L’Existence] including:
Le Senne: Le XXX [‘Le Scandale’; French: The scandal]
Grenier: De l’indifférence [French: On indifference]
Gandillac: Approches de l’amitié [French: Approaches to friendship]

     c            I’m staying here until the 20th of this month, and then I have to deliver the rest of Główne zasady nauk filozoficznych [Main principles of philosophical sciences, by Tadeusz Czeżowski] from 8 to 22 July. My chances here have diminished significantly again, because the Ministry has reduced the number of chairs in the Department of Humanities from 45 to 30, including, in philosophy, from the planned 3 to 2.
     c            Most likely, I’ll be able to send my dissertation in the near future; if you wish to add one of your own offprints to the enclosure, in accordance with our recent conversation, please kindly supply me with a suitable opportunity.
     c            I attach expressions of genuine esteem and thank you once again most cordially for the kindness and goodness shown to me in Poznań

H Mehlberg