Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 19.04.1931

Freiburg i.Br., 19.4.1931

Dear Friend,

            I am currently unable to reply to the two kind letters I received.  I am also suffering from the flu but need to keep up with my urgent work; otherwise, “I will completely get out of practice.” I am supposed to give speeches on phe[nomenology] and anthropology in Berlin (June 10), Halle and Frankfurt (Kant-Ges[ellschaft]) and need to study my antipodes Scheler and Heidegger carefully.53 Do you have the Medéi[tations] Cart[ésiennes]? It has been circulated in England for almost three weeks already, but I – the author – have not seen it yet!!  I wonder whether I will be receiving complimentary copies. In the coming days, I am expecting an English reverend who wants to translate my F[ormal] and Tr[anscendental] Logic into English. The English copy of Ideas is in print.

            Best regards, my dear friend, from all of us.





Of course, I would be delighted if you would want to take on the translation. The German “Medit[ations]” will be very extended. What is your impression of the Fr[ench] edition?