Letter from Irena Krońska written in 05.09.1947

  Sceaux, 9/5/1947


c   Dear and Honorable Professor!

I have received both Professor’s letters – the first one pleased me and the second one worried me. I would be so happy to see Professor and be able to welcome you at our place this time (we now have more space).
c   I got a letter from Association Filmol. today with an invitation to the congress and announcement that in a few days they will be sending in corrections for Professor’s paper which is to appear in the 2nd issue of Revue de Filmologie, prepared for the May 15. Of course, I will deal with the corrections, and I will also try to attend the section for which Professor’s letter was prepared and then write to let you know how it went.
c   We have now been working for the Cultural Department of the Embassy for a few months, ​​we have to write a lot to keep up our livelihood –  it is extremely hard in Paris, especially when it comes to food, some prices have doubled since Professor’s stay; it is mainly my husband who writes, I rewrite on a typewriter, help collect materials – and also run the household (we eat at home now). I hope that from November our work will be organized better, and we will be able to work on our theses – at the moment it is out of the question.
c   I have not written to Critique yet because I have not had the time – I am hoping to be able to do it within the next two weeks.
c   Professor Koyré is going to the United States on the 10th. My husband saw him and let him know about Professor’s visit, which he got very happy about – I shall call him today or tomorrow and regretfully inform him that the plans have changed.
c   The intellectual vacation is still in progress here and nothing interesting is happening – Wahl and his circle have been continuing their discussions in the countryside.
c   Revue Esthétique – as far as I know – has not been released yet. By the way, I will call Bayer around the 15th, he will be in Paris by then, and I will try to find out the fate of Professor’s article.
c   Wędkiewicz is here, but I have not seen him; we see Rysiewicz sporadically – I should invite him over someday, but somehow there has never been a good occasion, in this case in existential XXX.
c   I am sorry I cannot finish by saying “I will see you” – but I remain hopeful that the right time will come, and we will yet see each other this year.
c   My respect and devotion

Irena Krońska

Deepest respect and greetings from my husband

P.S. Have you seen Professor Tatarkiewicz in Warsaw? What is he up to?