Postcard from Irena Krońska written in 28.08.1966

 Warsaw, 8/28/1966

Dear and Honorable Professor,

    c      Thank you for the postcard. – Please bring the photograph of Husserl with you, maybe we can still swap it. – The one I gave was a photograph that was lying around at my place since before spring – I seem to have given it to the Division, together with the article on H., and I think I got it from Professor. That is why I shared a fondness of it.

    c      My trip turns out to be taking place earlier than I thought, on Saturday (the 3rd) afternoon, by plane – so unfortunately Saturday afternoon is no longer possible for a meeting. Before noon I will be at the LCP for a bit. Maybe Professor could call the editorial office early in the morning and leave a message for me with the time of the meeting – I usually call in to the editorial office from the newsagent’s in the morning, around 8:30 am to find out if there is any errands to run. And we would postpone the visit to Saska until the next meeting – unless it were successful on Friday evening.

My deepest respect and devotion
And cordial greetings
I Kronska



    c      I Krońska

POVIAT      c      Saska 48a apt.77       c           c    Sir
    c           c           c           c                 c               Prof. Roman Ingarden, PhD

POVIAT                 Biskupia St. 14