Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 17.11.1954

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Cracow, 17/11/54

            Dear Władysław!

                       As it happened, Leszczyński was at my place and told me about the terrible accident you had in Wrocław. I don’t know your address, but I suppose you must be at the Surgery Clinic at Wrocław University. So I’m sending this there in order to express my fervent sympathy concerning this unfortunate accident, the exact details of which, however, I don’t know. From what Jan Leszczyński told me, I believe you’ll be immobilised for a few weeks. I expect that your leg will knit successfully, but even if everything ultimately turns out fine, there’s always the pain and trouble and wasted time. One scandal on top of another, to have set up the hall so stupidly that someone could break a leg in the middle of a meeting!

            I’m wishing you the fastest and most complete recovery possible from this mishap. I’d thought that we’d see each other in a few days at the meeting of the Committee of Classics in Warsaw (20/11, before noon). I’m inordinately sorry that you won’t be there, given the whole series of important matters in which I would have been glad to join you in defence of the character of the publications. Now I’ll probably fight by myself for certain items.

            Be so good as to (to the extent you can write) let me know (in Cracow) how your leg is doing and how long you expect your stay in the Clinic to be. It’s not out of the question that I’ll be coming to Wrocław within the next few weeks to give a lecture there at the Philos. Soc. (I had one 12 November at the Soc. here; I was very sorry that you couldn’t be there, but in light of certain considerations I decided to move up the date). If I come to Wrocław, I’ll visit you in the Clinic.

            Can I send you some books to read?

            Cordial greetings and once again I wish you the speediest possible return to health

                                                                                    /signature/ Your Roman



Here, Szuman’s ill; he’s going to the clinic Saturday for an operation on a polyp in …[O1]  ??



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