Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 07.11.1960

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Date of creation 7.11.1960
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Cracow, 7 November 1960

Dear Władysław,

                               The post just delivered the volume entitled Charisteria. On this occasion, for my part, I’d like to add my wish that the coming years of your life will be as happy and fruitful as possible, which is easier now, in the sense that you’ve been relieved of the problems associated with the obligation to lecture at the university.

                I’m sorry that this volume, which, after all, has been ready for several years, has only now been completed and printed. I’m not directly responsible for that, although, due to an enormous amount of work, I was obliged to give up editing this volume at a time when its contents appeared to be complete. Whenever I visited the Editorial Office for Philosophy of Polish Scientific Publishers, I tried to speed things up, but it didn’t help much. The inclusion, at a relatively late stage, of some papers significantly delayed the appearance of the book. But ultimately the matter reached its conclusion and now the book exists. If you wouldn’t mind, please accept the small fragment of mine that appears therein as a token of friendly feelings.

                                                             Cordial greetings

                                                                                            /signature/ Your Roman