Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 19.07.1967

Nieborów. 19.7.67

Dear Roman, Thank you for both letters: the one from 29.V that was incorrectly addressed (I often make mistakes like that!) and from 13.VII.

            I’ve already written about invitations (to the congress) to Stockholm, and I’ll do so again, but – to whom should they be sent (together), since you’re leaving? Maybe Ms Gierulanka?

            I know nothing about the documents of the Congress of Amsterd.; Aler often writes to me, but on that subject he says nothing.

            The name ‘Aesth. Study Committee’ was adopted 2 years ago after long actually not very productive discussions. In the matter of your participation in the Committee, the best way is for me to write to Souriau. However, I’m not planning to bring up the business about Ebbinghaus.

            I’ve simply been invited to Berkeley by the University, to take a vacant chair, which I’m to occupy this autumn. It’s called, in rather baroque fashion, ‘Mills Professor of Intellectual & Moral Philosophy & Civil Polity’. But I’ll be lecturing on the history of aesthetics and chapters on ethics (being a seminar, this is no sinecure: 5 full hours per week). I’m happy about it, but a bit concerned about the distance and my own old age.

            The Toruń stipend was renewed. But, as it were, chiefly for tech. science (?!)

            Graff was my student: not without ability, but not to my taste.

            As for my dr hon. c. [doctoris honoris causa], it is and is not definitely settled. But for the most part it is, because I received a message from the Rector and the Dean to the effect that in the academic year 1967‒68, whenever I want, this ‘ceremony, which is a great celebration for the university as well’, will be held. But, in view of this trip – God knows when. It’s more likely that the delay was the result of an ugly intrigue on the part of a kind friend.

            We’ll be in Warsaw in August, so probably we’ll see each other.

A handshake