Letter from Jan Patočka written 11.12.1945

  b          Dear Colleague,

  b    Finally I can write in more detail about everything that interests you. Professor [Josef] Král is very much looking forward to Professor Ingarden’s visit. He would just like to ask Professor Ingarden to be so kind as to specify himself what date might suit him, so that we can provide him with a concrete invitation, and would like him to mention any further requirements. The Philosophy Association could organise the lectures in conjunction with the Czechoslovak Literary and Historical Society, who are similarly enthusiastic about Professor Ingarden. Please be so kind as to pass this on to the Professor and let him know that Professor Král is looking forward to finding out exactly when he is available.
  b    Otherwise please let the Professor know that Professor [Marvin] Farber (University of Buffalo) is very interested in what has happened to the members of the Cercle philosophique de Prague [Prague Philosophical Circle]. From what I have heard, both [Ludwig] Landgrebe and [Eugen] Fink are alive. The former is working as a Senior Lecturer in Hamburg and the latter is in Freiburg, where he is planning to apply to become a Senior Lecturer with [Martin] Heidegger, who not only survived the war, but also held onto the Department. It appears that Mrs Husserl[1] is still in Belgium. Professor [Emil] Utitz is healthy and bursting with plans. We hope that at least some of them will come to fruition and that they will interest Professor Ingarden as well. But we will hopefully be able to provide further details when he visits Prague! We are really looking forward to seeing him.
  b    Please pass on my deepest respects to Professor [František] Novotný and wish him the best of health.

Yours ever,
  b    Jan Patočka

11 December 1945

[1] Translator’s note: Malvine Husserl, Professor Edmund Husserl’s widow