Letter from Malvine Husserl written 6.05.1928

Scheveningen, May 6, 1928

Dear Mr. Ingarden,

Before we depart from Holland (which we will be leaving tomorrow, since my husband will not start his lectures until the 8th), I, as secretary of Professor Husserl, would like to answer your kind and cordial letter. I would also like to tell you about our trip. We left Freiburg on April 6 and spent 10 days in Göttingen, where we had the pleasure of meeting some of our dear old friends. It was very nice for us to see Hilbert, who had been seriously ill (he was suffering from pernicious anemia for two years), looking fresh and healthy. A liver diet saved his life.
Next, we travelled to Berlin to see our daughter and attended several big events to celebrate Stumpf’s 80th birthday. I have rarely heard of a scholar who has been so universally honored and recognized in the most generous way. But the nicest thing is that the “birthday boy” was of rare spiritual freshness and in good condition physically.
After this satisfying start we continued our journey to Amsterdam on the 22nd. When we entered Holland, a period of glorious weather began, which remained faithful to us until today and was a symbol of the inner beauty of the whole stay. My husband gave two lectures and hosted one evening discussion. The audience, which consisted mainly of professors, practical theologians, psychiatrists, etc., was obviously deeply touched and despite the seriousness of the matter (introduction to phenom[enology]) and the length of the lectures (each lecture was two hours long with one short break) remained captivated until the end. Of course, we were invited to many events, the conviviality was lovely, and we made some interesting acquaintances, such as the great mathem[atician] Brouwer, who wants to visit us in Freiburg.
On the 30th, my husband gave a lecture in Groningen, where the old Professor Heymans made a deep impression on us and where one should probably be completely satisfied.
Despite all these terrific events, the days had been very exhausting. Therefore, in order not to return home tired, we decided to extend our stay and spend a few days at this unrivaled beautiful seaside resort. Now this Dutch undertaking comes full circle as a harmonious experience.
Best regards to you and your d[ear] wife from both of us.

M[alvine] Husserl