Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 11.06.1919

Date of creation 11.06.1919
Related places Cracow, Lublin, Warsaw
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Lublin, Wieniawska 12.


Honourable Professor!

            I’m very sorry that I haven’t yet replied to your letter, which I received a week ago. However, it arrived at a time when I was extremely busy. In the morning I had a lesson at one of the schools, in the afternoon a matura[O1]  exam at another school, then entrance examinations, and now various tasks before the end of the school year. In addition, at Pentecost I had to make a quick trip to Warsaw on important business; as a result, my correspondence had to be put off.

            Thank you for your letter of 29/5. I am extremely grateful that you were so gracious as to involve yourself in my affairs and give me so much help. (As for the note you mentioned, indeed, I never received it. I supposed, however, that lack of time had prevented you from writing to me.)

            I’ll be staying in Lublin for another ten days or so; then I’m going to Cracow for a few days, and at the end of June to Warsaw, so as to establish myself there permanently and start to work a bit for myself. The overload of lessons has recently forced me to interrupt my academic work. As a result, I can’t send the review of Jahrbuch [German: Yearbook] immediately. At present I’m not happy with the review I wrote several months ago, but I can’t revise it at the moment. However, I’ll send you the review during the first half of July at the latest.

            I’m very happy about the move to Warsaw. I expect that my school activities (I’m supposed to teach mathematics, but not German) as well as my academic work will be more remarkable than here. In the near future I’m going to try, first of all and as soon as possible, to write in Polish about the danger of a petitio principii in the theory of cognition. This paper, sent to Festschrift for Husserl, was lost en route. Given that, I have a free hand, and thus I’d like first of all to publish it in Polish.

            Again, I thank you for your gracious kindness and your support of my interests, and I send expressions of the most profound esteem

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden


As soon as I’m settled in Warsaw, I won’t fail to write to you.



[O1]Należy podać notatkę z tłumaczeniem o matura