Postcard from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 26.12.1946

Brenarski, Grand Rue 55      v          Freiburg, 12/26/1946

Venerable Professor!

Assuming that the Dear Sir has already returned from the congress and this card finds you in Krakow, I would like to use this opportunity to thank Professor for your kindness and help with my troubles in Krakow.
  v      For 3 weeks now I have been in Freiburg, where I pass the time pleasantly lazing around, which is supposed to help with “keeping an eye” on my health, since its current state prevents me from doing any work. However, I hope that the conditions and life “training” imposed on me ruthlessly will have a fundamental impact, so that maybe from the beginning of the summer semester I will be able to study a little bit more.
  v      Freiburg is the Swiss cradle of philosophy: (they also call it the “Platonic City”, pertaining to the constant drive to bring beauty, good and truth into Freiburg’s life) A lot can be learned here, above all, thomistics and logistics, and one sign of what cannot be learned here is the lack of Jahrbuch in the cantonal library (which is simultaneously the university library).
  v      Hence I am even more pleased that I brought “Essentiale Fragen” kindly lent to me by Honorable Professor – please forgive me for that – I will send it back as soon as i finish it.
  v      I would love to know what I could get for Professor here, or in Belgium, if there any books or scientific papers, etc. you would be interested in, please kindly inform me!
  v      I suppose that you would still like to make a trip to Switzerland – I would like to remind here our conversation in Zakopane – (or maybe Belgium?). – It also seems to me that that way you could have a better rest during the holidays than in Zakopane. – And because this seems easy to do, you need to extend your passport. I will inform Professor in detail about this matter soon. For now, I am sending dear Professor my best regards and deep respect

Teresa Tymieniecka