Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 27.08.1934

27.VIII 1934
Most Honoured and Dear Professor!
I still encounter various obstacles which keep me from reading “Lit. Kunstwerk”. In the past, I would have thrown myself at it like a tiger. When I was still dealing with aesthetics. Now, I am interested in the subject rather for the sake of philosophy contained in it, about which I have a lot of reservations and which fascinates me nevertheless. I read “Identity of the Work of Music” and a week ago I returned to the former work. But as I read, especially when finding something contrary to my convictions, I write a lot on the margins, and when it is not enough, on separate pages. That is why it takes so long. On top of this I had travels, portraits, I needed to finish my “popular monadology”, for which I had to read a lot of necessary things. Now I have more time. I wrote a small thing about logistics, which I read in front of the Warsaw moguls (Łukasiewicz, Leśniewski, Tarski, Kotarbiński and others). There was a v[ery] interesting discussion between the moguls and myself and their explanations for me. I am sending it to you, Professor, maybe you can pos.[sibly] suggest where to print it, if you find it good enough. Please do not force yourself to answer.
I enclose words of true respect, affection, and gratitude
n            n                n                n                n                   S. I. Witkiewicz

Antałówka, The Witkiewicz Family House, Zakopane 3.
Since you did not visit me during the summer, we must postpone making the portrait until my stay in Lviv. I am v.[ery] sorry.