Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 21.06.1952

Editorial Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy            v                Krakow, 6/2/1952
Department: German philosophy
Krakow, L 29/52



To  The Editorial Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy at the SPI
Warsaw, Nowy Świat St. 35 apt. 4a


Dear Madam.

    v       While writing to confirm the receipt of your letter from 20th of the present month L.dz.157/BKF/52 I would like to kindly report the following:

Thank you for kindly dealing with a number of issues the settlement of which I have recently asked the Editorial Committee for.

1. Thank you for handling the issue of royalties for Gałecki, PhD. As for the translation, I will still have to discuss it with you. Herder is indeed hard to translate and poses quite specific difficulties.

2. I am also very glad about the payment order for Suchorzewska, PhD having been issued. She is currently suffering from arthritis and is about to go to treatment, so this will be very helpful to her. However, I was very distraught by your request that I send the copy of the “revised” translation of Prolegomena. And that you only have two copies, two copies of the first edition. After all, I had personally brought with me this revised copy– with the corrections typed out in the interline on the typewriter – and delivered it to you in the office. I suppose it must be somewhere with some other papers. I checked immediately after receiving your letter whether it was possibly somewhere at my place, but I only have one clean copy, i.e. without my corrections, which I can bring along to the meeting of July 1st. It would be a great disaster for me if the copy I put my commentary on was lost, because I would probably have to do all the work over again for the second time. But maybe it will not come to this. In either case, please let me know in a reply if the copy I delivered was found.

3. I have written a brief afterword for the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals and am sending it as an attachment, I did not send it before because I thought I would take it with me to the meeting. I have received PLN 550 in royalties – thank you.

4. I will gladly help in finishing Fichte’s Bestimmung des Menschen, but it depends on what the deadline would be and what there is to be done. If it is only some uncertain fragments that need to be checked, I would have nothing against helping. However, after submitting the second part of Kant’s Critique, I would like to work a little for myself in the summer and I might also have to wash or oil this machine of mine somewhere, because it’s creaky.

5 I am glad that the matter of Spinoza’s Ethics has been taken up, but I anticipate great difficulties /due to the very nature of the text/. After my arrival to the meeting we shall talk about modus procendi.

My sincere regards

    v           v           v       R.I.

    v       I will be bringing with me the finally checked copy of the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals and withdrawing one of those in the Committee’s office.