Letter from Irena Krońska written in 10.07.1963

Date of creation 10.07.1963
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Dear Professor,

 c      thank you very much for the book and letter. I am only writing back now because I was taking Myzia to Pieniny for holidays – which took me several days (I left her in Grywałd with Marysia’s parents, and she is staying with us). It was very nice there – but the trip tired me, it was very hot.

 c      The last volume indeed has a lot of printing errors – it is awful! I did not send Professor XXX – because the copy I had with me was needed at the publishing house. Now I have an additional one (rewritten), but I would not want to spoil your vacation. If Professor is willing to read it – please kindly let me know.
 c      I will be in Warsaw until August 10, then I will go either to Myzia or with Myzia (if we get passports in time) to my brother in Linz. At the beginning of school year – a return to Warsaw.
 c      I send you my best wishes for a good, relaxing holiday and most cordial greetings

 c       c       c       c       c       c       c       c       c          I Krońska