Letter from Irena Krońska written in 21.09.1968

         c                            c                                c               Warsaw, September 21, 1968

Dear Professor,

I am sending you an announcement from yesterday’s meeting, which appeared in today’s “Life of Warsaw”, as this publication often does not reach Krakow, and even when it does it is difficult to get. It was also printed in in “The Tribune”, but a shorter version, and I assume Professor probably saw it.

    c  I am very sorry that during these few days spent in Warsaw Professor could not find the time to make an appointment with me. Or maybe it was not about the time, but about retaining a completely objective view. I regret it not only because it is always nice to talk to Professor, all the more nice when there are no official matters to discuss that could always negatively affect the contact, since formalities are a terrible thing and extremely unfavorable to philosophizing, but also because I wanted to give Professor a copy of my last report – it has been prepared for you for a while – which would also be material for the discussion. But it is better late than never, I am sending it now by post, in registered mail / I would hate for it to get lost, as this is my last copy/. As a result of recent events it requires the following corrections and additions:

ad 1 / The book was published – but the list of volumes usually included at the end was
    c     omitted so as not to print prohibited names. It is to also be removed from any
    c     further publications.
ad 2 / The book was published – without an introduction
ad 8 / We can already tell that Kołakowski’s introduction /v. interesting/ will not be
    c     printed. Wolniewicz is to write a new one.
ad 11 / The introduction will be included – but unsigned.
ad 16 / The translations of two small things by Baczko which were supposed to be included
    c     in the volume /the rest was translated by Ms. Stabrowska/, were rejected; one was
    c     rejected because of the content /by Wolter, of course/, the other because of the
    c     translator; the text he had already translated was given to someone else for translation
ad 19 / The contract with Garewicz , PhD was terminated, after refusing an extension
    c     of the deadline
ad 20 / The works were suspended.
ad 22 / The book was withdrawn from the plan. Ms. Krahelska is finishing the translation
    c     /since she has a contract/, but she was notified that the item will not be released

I think that Professor should have this information before the next meeting, which I hope not to learn about from the press this time, because it was not very pleasant for me – although on the other hand I am happy that the general public has been notified about the changes, although somewhat unilaterally /you know who is there today, but you do not know who they replaced/. And I am sending it right away, as the news about this meeting knocked me out of the state of ataraxia acquired in Zakopane in relation to the LCP matters; I want to go back there, and I will, but that is why it is better to get things done as soon as possible.
    c     I did not leave again because the weather broke. I am still in the afterglow of my stay in Zakopane. I try to work as much as possible, not just on housekeeping. I am studying; Professor once expressed regret that I am wasted on that whole LCP. Well, now is the opportunity to dig up the talents buried in the ground and see if they were not just coppers. We will see, listen what sound they make. Maybe something else will get its voice, and maybe not, anyway I will no longer resent myself. And that is worth something. I am learning books and I am learning people, trying to strike a balance (between these two sources of cognition).

My deepest respect
and best regards

        c     I Kronska
Irena Krońska