Letter from Irena Krońska written in 13.12.1954

            v                            v                            v               v                        Warsaw, 12/13/1954

Dear and Honorable Professor,

as our Basia is still sick, I am asking for XXX, because the use of the machine hall delays the case terribly.

  v        We only received the Professor’s letter from the 12/3, on 12/9. With regards to the most urgent matter – corrections for Leibniz – XXX wrote Professor directly. I shall reply regarding other matters.

  v        Ad Introduction to Leibniz – we will of course be grateful for any comments, possibly on the substantive XXX, and they cannot be disregarded. XXX – there is a deadline by which we must send the final edition of the text to the printing house (and it is already very late). This deadline is the end of the month. As the author of the introduction must be able to read the remarks of all reviewers before then (and we are still lacking reviews from Professor, my husband, and some possible suggestions from Dąmbska), we must receive the review here before Christmas. If Professor could deliver it to the Kraków branch on the 23rd, we will receive it here on the 24th station by railway mail. Would that be agreeable?

  v        You have surely received the copy of Ethics already. Receiving a second one would be very difficult. The practice is such that even if one person has the right to a book on multiple different grounds, they still only receive one copy regardless. That was the case with prof. Kotarbiński and with me (e.g. I had the rights to Kant’s Groundwork both due to my permanent functions and as the so-called leading editor of the book, and despite that I could not get two copies).

  v        Ad Kant – the terminological supplement and index materials can be obtained by the end of February, and honestly even later – the latter anyways – since we normally submit it later. I would like to keep both copies of Critique I borrowed from you until the manuscript is submitted for production, because they are very often needed by the reviewers and those determining the editorial form. Would that be possible?

  v        I will send the excerpts from the minutes to Professor as soon as possible – but it will take a while, because I have to get them rewritten.

  v        I am very busy (mainly XXX), and Myzia is still a bit ill. I want to send her to the countryside before Christmas, for a month, because – as the doctor says – she really needs it.

  v        As I do not know if I will be writing before Christmas, I am taking this opportunity to send to Professor and Mrs.

warm wishes for a merry Christmas
and happiness in the New Year

I Kronska