Letter to National Scientific Publishers written 29.04.1963

Prof. Roman Ingarden
Krakow, Biskupia 14                                                      v                                     Krakow, 4/29/1963


National Scientific Publishers PWN
Great Universal Encyclopedia
The Editorial Office of Publications in Social Sciences
Honorable ed. Lucyna Majzner

       W A R S A W


Dear Madam,

             v          I am very sorry that it is only today that I am replying to your letter from 4/1, but I had a lot of obligations, and so weeks have passed me by very quickly.
       v          I have filled in the missing birthdates etc. – to my best knowledge. As for the literature for the entry “phenomenology”

Herbert Spiegelberg, Phenomenological Movement, 1961
Anna Teresa Tymieniecka, Phenomenology and Science in contemporary European thought, 1962
Roman Ingarden, From research on contemporary philosophy, 1963
Marvin Farber, The foundation of Phenomenology, 2nd ed., 1963

             v          In case you need any more titles, I am willing to help. Literature on phenomenology is enormous, I have only provided the most important items.

             v          I attach herewith the text of my article, which I generally accept, although I am not convinced that it was necessary to transfer some information about Husserl to the article on him; many readers may be content with an article on phenomenology itself.


My deepest respect

/Prof. R. Ingarden/