Letter to the Polish Academy of Science written 16.11.1968

Date of creation 16.11.1968
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Professor Roman Ingarden
Krakow, Biskupia 14
tel. 365-47                  c             c             c             c             c                   Krakow, 11/16/1968


c         To the P.A.S. Research Personnel Improvement Office
c             c             c             c             c      c         in W A R S A W

In response to the letter from 10/14 of this year I would like to kindly inform you that I have read the Katarzyna Rosner-Graff’s doctoral dissertation and the documents and reviews attached to it. I enclose my opinion about the work herewith and conclude that, in formal terms, I have no doubt that Ms. Rosner-Graff’s doctoral thesis was conducted properly and that, as a result, I have found no reason not to grant the author of the dissertation a doctoral degree. (I could not write an extensive review because of the lack of time. I have already wasted over two weeks on reading the dissertation, which hindered my own research, which I am about to submit for printing.) As a result, I am returning a blank invoice.
c       I would be grateful if the Research Personnel Improvement Office of the PAS could ask me if I am capable of fulfilling the task assigned to me at a given moment before sending me doctoral theses or other dissertations.


I will send the work and documents separately tomorrow.

 (Prof. Roman Ingarden)