Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 27.09.1935

27.IX 1935

Honoured and Dear Professor:
Thank you very much for your letter. But as for Rickert, you have not told me whether it is worth reading. Thank you for letting me “throw myself”. Now I will read Petitio for the 2nd time and Id[ealismus]. Real.[ismus] and as soon as I deal with the first volume of Whitehead, I will work on you at the same time. I am writing this only for the time being for myself and for the “pleasure” of the opponent. I do not show anyone my critique of Kotarb[iński] until he reads it. Printing is unlikely at all, and I would never send anything to print without first showing it to you. I am very worried that this demon Twardowski does not allow you to write about me. Despite some ‘hostility’ between us and my fear of your critical perspication that took its toll in our conversation and which I fully saw [implemented] on the unfortunate Viennese, I was so happy that it could be you, and here it is nothing. I do not know anything about Mehlberg. What kind of direction does he represent? And what does he look like physically? –  (age, color, race, Kretschmer typology) –  I am asking for these details. I also thank you very much for the essay which I have already begun to read and which is especially important to me. In my imagination I already feel the pleasure of ‘tackling’ you in writing – because it is completely different from talking. Each has their charm.
I was once in the mountains, but I overdid the sun and pond baths on a fairly cold day and now I am atoning for that. I’ll do some more trips, I’ll finish off the first tranche with W[hitehead] and go to W[arsaw]. I am asking you v[ery] kindly to let me know in time that you are coming to W[arsaw] so that I can prepare myself for the autumn-winter Ingardenalia (Saturnalia, etc.). As soon as I finish the whole criticism, I will send it to you for evaluation. I read a lot of things at once. I’ve left Linke for Cornelius for now. Is it still your intention to invite the old man to Lviv? That would be wonderful. He wrote that he was painting and that arthritis was bothering him. What a wonder, what a wonder? Do not you know where Whitehead is currently? Apparently the old man is really white as a dove. I’ve got a constant feeling of remorse about your older son. But I think it will happen sometime.
In the meantime, I enclose the words of great respect and affection for you both, and I greet the boys

n                  Witkacy