Letter from Irena Krońska written in 16.01.1968

    c                                        c                    c                           Warszawa, 1/16/1968

Dear and Honorable Professor,

thank you for the news. I did not write back because I have a lot of worries and the only joy is to be found by immersing myself in work, possibly XXX. As much as I can, I am reading the papers for volume 3 of XXX, which I will be submitting for composition soon (because I have to).
    c   Hegel’s logic was only sent out after Christmas, and maybe even after the New Year – so you surely received it in the meantime. The anthology of ancient philosophy (from the anthology series), compiled by Legowicz, should be arriving shortly.
    c   I have a serious worry with Myzia. The body is healed, but the soul is not. She is in pain, we both are. I know very little about these things, and the doctors also know too little. Combined with the problems at work, it is not easy to bear.
    c   Regarding the stamps for the delivery of corrections, back in summer I paid PLN 25 to Mr. Wagnerowa, because the stamps were not enough, and now it was sent at the expense of the PWN, so the stamps Professor sent are with Mrs. Wagnerowa (director’s secretary) .
    c   The PWN Management Board is headed by dir. Mliczewski – as to what will happen next, we will see.
    c   Professor, would you please be so kind and call Ms. Iza. I got her a book and I would like to read it, but I cannot do that right now. Please kindly let her know that I am thinking about her and thank her, and I will write myself when it gets a little easier for me.
    c   I should probably send Myzia somewhere. Do you know about any boarding school (high school) in Zakopane or Rabka, that would have good conditions and care?

Sorry for such a chaotic letter
deepest respect and friendship

I Kronska