Letter from Karol Wojtyła written 30.03.1964

Date of creation 30.03.1964
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Cracow, 30 March 1964

     n           n            n            nHonoured Professor!

     n       You’ll permit me to join all of those who’ve taken part in Philosophical Sketches, presented to you as a gift. I’m doing this for many reasons. First and foremost because I highly value your person and position, as well as your original philosophical work. Second, because, as a young academic, I had the opportunity to come into contact with you; I regret that it was only fleetingly. I thank you as well for supervising the academic work of certain priests, especially, recently, Fr J. Tischner, PhD.
   n       And although the gift of the philosophers mentioned at the beginning of this letter is connected with your retirement, I nevertheless wish you many creative achievements and works to come. May God bless you. I enclose expressions of sincere respect

Karol Wojtyła