Letter from Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz written 10/1/1948

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Studia Philosophica                                                                                      Poznań, 1 October 1948
Poznań, Fredry 10



                               Dear Roman!

                I would be very pleased to place an article from you in the next volume of Studia Philosophica. I’m leaving the choice of topic completely free. It could also be a translation of some newer work published in Polish and in no other language. The deadline for submitting the manuscript: 1 January 1949. If I’ve already received an article in English or French, the deadline will be moved to 1 February. The editorial board will pay 15 zlotys per verse for a translation; the author’s honorarium is the same.

                I respectfully ask you to send a reply by 15 October, and I’ll repeat once again that I very much desire it to be positive.

                                                                                             I attach cordial greetings

                                                                                                                        K. Ajdukiewicz



I answered 18/10/48[O1]

[O1]Chyba to notacja dodana przez sam Ingardena.