Postcard from Karol Irzykowski written 22.09.1936

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22 September 1936

Honourable Professor! I hereby remind you that you’re scheduled to deliver a lecture at the Pol.[ish] Ac.[ademy of] Lit.[erature] in October. The costs (100 zlotys) are, of course, covered by the Academy (on whose authority I’m writing) following the meeting. Please reserve this time, then, and at least give a sign of life. As for the topic, I wrote about it in my last letter, but I’d ask you to set it. I apologise for not writing officially (i.e. on a post card) but I’m in a hurry because I’m going away for a couple of days.

With high esteem
     c     Karol Irzykowski



Karol Irzykowski
ul. 6 Sierpnia 47
building 8 apt. 8

Honourable Professor
Dr Roman Ingarden
Zacharjewicza 7

Sławkowska 32
Pijarska 7
2nd floor

Konarskiego 46