Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 05.04.1935

5.IV 1935
Honoured and Dear Professor:
Thank you kindly for „Peticio” because this is one of the two things that motivated me most. But I need to own this book to write about it because I must take notes in the book.  I am past pg. 130 in „Lit. K.Werk”.  I am wading through it with greater and greater interest.  Objections are growing as well and matters for discussion, supposing Professor will want to chat with me at all. But when I will “absorb” you, I will write something bigger, similar to what I wrote about Kotarbinski, whom I attempted to decipher on 200 and dozens of pages of a manuscript.  I have already given it to him to read.  The problem of overcoming the idealism of Husserl  by you motivated me to the highest degree. But I am an opponent of act and intentionality.  I believe, that these are shortcuts (and not definitive concepts), which can be reduced to psychological terms. I have type written 42 pages about it – if Professor ever has time for it, I can send it to you. I bet you have received my “hauptwerk” from M[ianowski] F[und].  They apparently added a page of a copy of a rev[iew] but it was not my idea.  Because I do not know when we will see each other, I am enclosing a card with my [book] dedication for pot[ential] insertion.
I enclose words of deep respect and affection and once more I thank you

    n        n        n        n    n        n        n        n        n    n    n               Witkacy.