Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 14.03.1937

Date of creation 14.03.1937
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Field philosophy

In Lviv, 14/3/1937



Most Honourable Professor!

Already yesterday afternoon I felt very tired; this morning I woke up with a slightly elevated temperature, a feeling of being unwell, headache, etc. Therefore I’ve decided not to leave the house today, especially since I still have a week of university classes which I wouldn’t want to miss. Accordingly, I apologise for the fact that I won’t be coming to visit you today.

However, in order not to postpone the wishes I’d like to offer you and your wife today any longer, please kindly accept from me ‒ for now, at least, in this way ‒ my most cordial wishes for health and success, which, though (through no fault of my own) delayed, are no less sincere and earnest. I also ask you kindly to graciously offer my best wishes to your wife, both from myself and from my wife (who, nota bene, is bedridden now for the second week with an unspecified strain of ‘flu’).

I regret not being able to offer these wishes in person, but prefer not to visit you so as not to transfer flu germs.

In this letter, I’m enclosing 1. an offprint of my lecture at the Philosophical Congress, which I ask you kindly to graciously accept from me; 2. two bills from drukarnia Związkowa [Union Printing]; 3. a letter from P.K.O. and a letter to you regarding Fr/Prof. Michalski[O1] ’s dissertation.

Once again offering my most cordial wishes, I enclose expressions of profound and genuine esteem

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden



[O1]Konstanty Michalski (1879‒1947)